The West Has Never Been So Hot.

The World of Western X has grown a bit larger. Kathleen Benner, Shanda Munson and Erica Soto have been added to the cast of Western X. Although we will not see their characters until season 2 of Western X, each of them will be introduced in the first chapter of the spin-off series A Six Gun for Lobo: Two Kills for a Virgin.

Kathleen Benner and Shanda Munson will play The Sisters of Ran’Sharr, the first female Black Coats. The Black Coats are the militant evil army that controls most of the known world in Western X. Erica Soto is scheduled to portray the Sherden warrior Niefere’Ra. The Sherden are a colony of men and women known as the “Sea Peoples.” The Sherden people will be explored thoroughly in later episodes of Western X and Lobo.

Each of these ladies will bring something unique to the World of Western X. I’m very excited to see the audience reaction when these characters are introduced. These three characters will be like nothing seen on the web/television. Living up to the words “A web series like nothing you’ve ever seen…”

For more info:

Kathleen Benner is an Actor/Director/Stunt Double based in Arizona/New Mexico.

Shanda Besler Munson is a Film Producer/Actor that currently lives in Arizona.

Erica Soto is Professional Model/Actress from Cleveland, OH


Lobo Promos

Here are the first promos for A Six Gun for Lobo: Two Kills For a Virgin. The show begins filming in two weeks. This series will be like nothing seen on the web before–raw, gritty, brutal, sexual. This series will show a whole different side of the Western X world.

The look of these promos were heavily inspired by the old promo art for the early spaghetti western films. Obviously we gave it a contemporary “vibe” at the same time.


New Group Page on WOWX and Script Update.

We started a group page for Lobo on the World of Western X site. This will be a place to go if you’re a fan of the shows, this site is where you will find all kinds of special interviews, added bonus content to understand the world of Western X better and a place to be social; fans can chat and share their thoughts with other Western X and Lobo enthusiasts.  Don’t hesitate to join today.

The Lobo script is still being hammered out. One thing I wanted to be sure to do with this series is create some interesting locations that are a bit different from what we have seen or will see in the first season of X. One thing I can say is that there will be snow in at least one episode–I wanna see snow. Nothing will be cooler than seeing Lobo blast a few baddies in the snow.

A New Action Web Series